Tea Leaves

4th Dimension (VJ)

[High Tea Music]

Michael is a self taught/self made VJ professional who has been working in the industry since 2006! Now as a fanatic DnB lover, together with High Tea, Michael is a dynamic force who regularly creates a stunning visual experience at various parties with different artists. Michael has already exhibited his way of art in the Melkweg, Tivoli and parties like those of  ScanTraxx. Translating the story of an artist and their tunes into compelling visuals is one of Michael’s strongsuits. With his love for the whole creative process Michael always creates something personal to make musical experiences unforgettable. Besides creating captivating visuals and telling the story’s trapped within the music, Michael’s artwork can also be seen within merchandise, album covers, websites and much more!

Tea Leaves does bookings for 4th Dimension.

Contact: cindy@tea-leaves.nl