Tea Leaves


[NCS, Liquicity, High Tea Music]

From a rural German town to playing stages around the world, Michael Schlechtinger – also known as Blooom, has had a meteoric rise. His journey began at an incredibly formative age: from 15, despite not even being allowed to enter club spaces yet. Blooom’s artistic vision gets fuelled by an overarching aesthetic rather than just being based solely across different genres. The diversity of his sound – rooted in an American Hip-Hop addiction, mixed with his underlying penchant for pop music as well as a love for an enigmatic atmosphere – has gained him considerable attention. Blooom is releasing on labels such as Monstercat, NCS and Liquicity, and is already heralded by the likes of Fox Stevenson, Maduk and Fred V. With such high-ranking DJ support to now passing 10 million plays on his Spotify discography, Blooom’s name is quickly becoming one of the most hotly tipped currently moving through the ranks.

Tea Leaves does bookings in the Netherlands for Blooom

Contact: ivo@tea-leaves.nl