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Born Global

[Riot Records, High Tea Music, Subway Soundz]

Born Global

Introducing BORN GLOBAL, your passport to electrifying Drum&Bass hailing from the heart of East Germany! This dynamic DJ/producer duo is on a mission to redefine the genre with their signature blend of melodies and powerful basslines. Emerging from the underground scene, they’ve been shaking up the scene since 2019, leaving their mark on esteemed labels like Subway Soundz, Riot Records, and more.

With their infectious energy and relentless passion, BORN GLOBAL delivers not just music, but an experience. Their explosive DJ sets are a rollercoaster ride through their passion, guaranteed to keep you moving till the break of dawn. So brace yourself and ask: Are you prepared to unleash your inner beast to the electrifying sound of BORN GLOBAL?

Tea Leaves does management and bookings for Born Global

Contact: cindy@tea-leaves.nl