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[High Tea Music]

As a drum and bass enthusiast and professional, EIJGHT had been working in the field for some time already. In recent years, however, EIJGHT has made a name for himself by performing as an artist.

His meteoric rise is typified during performances at the Tivoli, Festeaval and as the closing act of Koven’s own show. Here EIJGHT has left quite an impression on both his colleagues and the audiences. His energetic and versatile spinning style typifies him as a true High Tea DJ. If the aim is to let the audience go wild and entertain them, EIJGHT is a perfect addition to a line-up. With his great track selection and his own twists within, EIJGHT is one of the talents to keep your eye on!

Tea Leaves does bookings for EIJGHT

Contact: ivo@tea-leaves.nl