Tea Leaves

Josh Lovis

[High Tea Music, Zenhiser Sample pack]

Josh Lovis is a talented Drum&Bass artist with a unique sound that blends dreamy and relaxed tones with energetic beats. He has made a name for himself in the music scene with a string of successful releases on some of the biggest labels in the industry. With a career spanning several years, Josh Lovis has built up a strong following across Europe, where he has played a number of memorable shows to enthusiastic crowds. He has a reputation for delivering high-energy performances that leave fans wanting more.
In addition to his impressive live shows, Josh Lovis has also gained recognition for his work in the studio. Despite his success, Josh remains grounded and focused on creating music that speaks to his fans. His dreamy and relaxed style has become a signature sound that sets him apart from his peers, and he continues to push the boundaries of the genre with each new release.

Tea Leaves does management for Josh Lovis

Contact: cindy@tea-leaves.nl