Tea Leaves


[Liquicity, High Tea Music, Galacy Records]

Multiplex’s upcoming is a truly unique story. He is among the most versatile and well established Bass-music MCs of his generation. Pioneering in different flows, creating a style of his own at the biggest Drum ’n Bass parties and festivals. You can’t have missed him the last decade. The crazy red-bearded Dutchman is the in-house MC of Black Sun Empire and has several residencies in his pocket like Cheeky Monday & Blackout. He has been touring the globe since he could sing a rhyme. From Drum ’n Bass to Reggae to Hip Hop to Dubstep, this man is down to do it all, in multifold. But, in the 20+ years that he has been performing he hasn’t settled himself as a studio artist yet, nor has he released his own work. After a cave-in of his career and bookings due to the restrictions of Covid, the MC had to dive deeper in his reason of existence on this floating rock, and he found his new passion in writing and producing songs himself. After two years of selecting and nuancing his newfound craft, working with the best of his peers, he is now ready to proudly share his first experiments with the world. THE MANY MINDS OF MULTI is an ever transforming platform where MULTIPLEX will take you on his journey telling you his story. Through singing songs with sick rhymes, double flows and beats from beyond, he will put his best efforts in taking you on a trip through sound and frequency.

Tea Leaves does management for Multiplex

Contact: cindy@tea-leaves.nl