Tea Leaves



RAKC is a dutch DJ who is based in the city where she first encountered drum and bass:
Utrecht. Although RAKC is a fiend for the jungle sound, she draws inspiration from all corners
of music. You can expect anything from jungle, juke, footwork,, 140, old school hardcore and
breaks to liquid and atmospheric drum and bass.

RAKC is one of the 7 residents of FLUX/X collective, which was established in 2022. This
female drum and bass collective works together to unite drum and bass lovers and create a
more inclusive stage for talent within the Dutch drum & bass scene. Together the collective
has organised 3 parties in Leiden, and have done several stage hostings.

Some notable 2023 gigs (a-z):
Cheeky Monday
IO Festival FLUX/X stagehosting RAKC b2b Vicebylara and Operator21
Konstructed Beats (Romania)
Rave against SMA
State of Unrest Cave Rave FLUX/X stagehosting
Skeer festival FLUX/X stagehosting
WTF preparty w/ red lebanon

Tea Leaves does bookings in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany for RakC

Contact: ivo@tea-leaves.nl