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[Noisia, Grid Recordings, Digital Terror Recordings]


Sano is a dj & producer hailing from the Netherlands. He started producing music in 2017 and after experimenting with some different genres he found his passion for drum & bass in late 2019. Sano never sits still, he is constantly developing his heavy, dark sound. Since then he has released a lot of music, including 3 EPs on the legendary label Grid Recordings and 1 EP on Digital Terror Recordings.

His latest release “Utopia” together with High Tech Terror Has been destroying dance floors all over Europe. His signature heavy sounds combined with his unmatched energy are a recipe for success. With support from names like Noisia, DocScott and Ray Keith there is no doubt about it: Sano is here to stay

Tea Leaves does management and bookings for Sano

Contact: cindy@tea-leaves.nl