Tea Leaves


[Rampage, Elevate Records, High Tea Music]

VovKING = 50% of Tapolsky & VovKING duo well known with their releases on Technique, Viper, Rampage and other big labels that has stirred the dnb premier league with their innovative futuristic sound. After splitting in 2019 VovKING continues to bring the future as a solo artist and the first step was the remix for main man behind the Rampage, better known as Murdock, and his immortal hit ‘Cant Keep Me Down’. Couple of original tunes released with Mainframe, Rampage, Elevateare moving the story fourward and the supports that was given to them are showing that direction is still right. Stay tuned for some more weirdness

Tea Leaves does Bookings in the Netherlands and Germany for VovKING.

Contact: ivo@tea-leaves.nl