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woofa kid

[Beatpatrol Festival, Halloween Castle]

woofa kid is an austrian DJ, Producer, Singer & Songwriter.

His interest in music as well as his musical taste were heavily influenced by
his father. This way he grew up listening to House, HipHop & Drum & Bass.
Picking up his first instruments as early as 2007 – at the age of six – and
continuing his musical journey until the present day – music has always been
a big part of his life. In the mid 2010s he got obsessed with DJs and their
shows and lifestyle. Watching different festivals and documentaries on
YouTube while dreaming and developing his future goals.

When he got introduced to music production in 2015 by his older brother,
closely followed by the art of DJing by his father, his mind was made up: “I
want to be a big DJ and I’ll do everything it takes”. Slowly improving his skills
in both disciplines while experimenting with different genres such as HipHop,
Dubstep/Trap, House and Future bass he developed his unique style. Finally
deciding on Drum & Bass and House as his main genres in 2019 he released
his debut album “Departure” alongside a remix-LP containing over 10
remixes of more or less established producers. Now, over 6 years and an
artist name later (f.k.a. “Forian”), his music has been streamed over 600.000
times across all streaming services and over 30.000 people have seen him
perform live.

Tea Leaves does management for woofa kid.

Contact: cindy@tea-leaves.nl