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[Skankandbass, Riot Records]


ATMOS, an Electronic music producer hailing from Antwerp, Belgium, is a rising star in the world of electronic music. His journey in music began at the young age of 17, where he first delved into the world of electronic sounds. Initially drawn to jump-up drum & bass, ATMOS’s early work displayed his fascination with the energetic and vibrant style of the genre. As time passed, ATMOS’s musical horizons expanded, and he soon found himself exploring a diverse range of sub-genres and harmonics. One of the milestones in ATMOS’s journey was gaining the support and recognition of prominent artists in the electronic music scene. Artists like Deadmau5, Dimension, Simula and Chase & Status, among many others, recognized ATMOS’s unique talents. As he continues to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation, ATMOS remains committed to fulfilling his full potential and delivering unforgettable sonic experiences to his ever-growing fan base. 

Tea Leaves does bookings in Europe for ATMOS

Contact: ivo@tea-leaves.nl