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[NOX, Blackout, WTF]


AutopsKi AKA Kira Gordon is a multi-disciplinary artist, DJ, promoter, label manager and producer in training originating from Johannesburg, South Africa. This is where her passion for the underground arts and culture of Drum & Bass was ignited. Since having her debut and exposition in 2018 at her own co-run event MantraFestSA , she has made appearances at some of South Africa’s finest. Including, EarthDance, KushFest, Jungle Fevah and Breaks, to name a few.

AutopsKi moved to the Netherlands in nomination of studying the music industry just before Covid hit in 2020. Ever since, she has been further perfecting her distinctive sound and style as a multi-disciplinary artist. Engaged within a variety of radio shows and streams to further performing at some of theNetherlands most exciting events and festivals. From Moonshine, NOX, Blackout, WTF, Cheeky Monday, Rolling Eclectic, GogBot, to SOLAR Festival. She also may be more commonly known as the lady behind InstinKtive Bass and InstinKtive Arts. Refining some thrilling upcoming media projects and event concepts within the arts and music sector that have been long in the making for over the last 2+years that have yet to reach the surface.

Since the start of 2022 she has been working as a multi-genre label manager at Tribal Music Group. Making a contribution to the team behind the diverse emerging diverse label and creative outlet collection. Namely, Tribal Trap, Diverge Records, Bass Boosterz & Clout Nu.+++ Tribal Music Group.

Although experimental, AutopsKi’s sets are growing to be recognizably characterized within the darker or emotive realms. Layering either heavy, techy or deep rolling basslines mixed with her dynamic taste and background in BPM’s to get you moving or thinking differently.

Tea Leaves does bookings in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany for AutopsKi

Contact: ivo@tea-leaves.nl