Tea Leaves


[Invicta Audio, Skankandbass, Space Yacht]

Growing up on Philly Blunt and now Souped Up, Formula started his journey into production in 2012, and had even DJ’d previously whilst living abroad at the age of 11/12. Learning to beatbox, produce and also sing means that he has a repertoire as a talented musician as well as a producer, and you can hear his vocals on tracks such as ‘Moving Forward’ (Space Yacht). Influenced by his experiences of trying new things, Formula has garnered an interest in hardware and the analog-style authentic sounding jump up that can be produced with it. Despite this, what makes Olly such a great producer is that he refuses to stick to one niche of drum and bass. If something sounds good, he wants to make it. With HUGE releases coming this year on some of the biggest labels in drum & bass, Formula is by far one of the hottest producers to keep your eye on

Tea Leaves does bookings in Europe for Formula.

Contact: cindy@tea-leaves.nl