Tea Leaves


[Liquicity, High Tea Music, High Rollers]

Being a musician at heart, KNGHT began his musical journey in his early teens. Playing piano
and guitar in multiple Pop/Rock bands and participated in several competitions like Ruppel
Rock Rally and Imagine Festival. After introducing electronic elements into the band’s music,
came the inspiration for electronic music production. Which lead him on a new path in the
direction of the Drum and Bass scene.

With his very melodic and instrumental style, tracks as “Forever”, “Next To Me” and “Safe
With You” have made it to labels as Ridmic Records, High Tea Music, Celsius Recordings.
And with that, he is very well on his way to make his contribution to the scene.

Tea Leaves does bookings in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany for KNGHT

Contact: ivo@tea-leaves.nl