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MCHUCK is THE M.C. you need to make an entire room jump. As a drum and bass fanatic, MCHUCK picked up a microphone for the first time six years ago. Since then he has been the new name on the block! His career is developing rapidly. He has already performed at live shows of T & Sugah and Let It Roll, receiving positive feedback from DJs and visitors alike.
MCHUCK’ self-explanatory skills are typified by his interaction with the audience. As a true hype-M.C., CHUCK is a genius at assessing the mood of the audience and interacting with them. MCHUCK brings a real touch to a show and contributes to the whole experience of  live music. With his energy and flows, he is the person you want next to you during a performance!

Tea Leaves does management and bookings for MCHUCK.

Contact: cindy@tea-leaves.nl